How to send a fax using Ooma

We just got an Ooma VOIP phone system ($220 deal right now at Costco) and I've been testing exactly how I'll position the Hub and Scout in our house. I also wanted to make sure our fax machine will work. We don't fax very often, but it's sure nice to have when when needed (usually about once a month.) Ooma says to position a fax machine with direct phone line connection to the Hub. I tried this, but it wasn't working. I could hear the high pitch "faxing sound", but after that, the connection would fail. I found a web forum with an easy solution, simply prefix the number you are dialing with *99 and it works! Here is the Ooma forum link. Ok, now I just need to get our home phone number ported and it will be time to drop Comcast phone service and save $40 per month!

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ma's Gravatar It would appear that it works, but from what I've tried, it is not possible to do ooma-to-ooma faxing.
However, I have only tried this with one regular all-in-one fax and the Vista fax service.

One other thing to try would be to insert pauses into your dialing string, i.e., --*99--18005551234. (where - is a pause).
This will make sure the ooma dial tone is done before trying to make the fax use the line. (Extra tones can cause transmission problems.)
# Posted by ma | 3/17/09 12:16 PM
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